Grant County Rescue Mission

What does the donor receive from this program?

We give you a tax-receipt for your vehicle, which must be in running condition, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

You win, knowing that you are making a contribution to one of the Grant County’s most esteemed non-profit organizations. We provide the only homeless shelters for men, women and families in Grant County. All proceeds of the sales directly benefit the programs for the homeless and needy in our community.

How is the poor and needy helped by this program?

Since 1985, we have been providing emergency and long-term recovery care for the homeless and needy of Grant County. Today, we serve over 75,000 meals a year and provide over 18,000 nights of shelter. With your donation, the homeless win a second chance at a healthy, productive life.

Your vehicle will be cleaned and sold "as is," to a member of the community, who might not otherwise be able to afford transportation for the necessities of life. The local community wins when success is made a little more available, thanks to folks like you. You can begin by filling out the Vehicle Donation Form today. Thank you!

Vehicle Donation Form

Vehicle Donation Program